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Full Stack Web Developer
MongoDB MySQL Firebase MSSQL ExpressJS jQuery AngularJS CodeIgniter Laravel
SaSS (CSS) ReactJS ReactNative Ionic
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Carlo Flores
(+63) 919 002 1013

Curriculum Vitae Ran Online
OCT 2019

Amtek Strategic Maritime Initiative

Web Development - Freelance

Building a Maritime Initiative that digitize a process on the industry.

MAR 2019

Barkada Travel & Tours

Web Development - Freelance

Building an Enterprise Level platform to manage the different services and platforms for different type of users.

FEB 2019
OCT 2019

TransWealth Car Hire

Web Development - Freelance

Built a Car Booking System with a tailored process.

JAN 2019

PricewaterhouseCoopers BSP

Senior Full Stack Web Developer - Fulltime

Building an Internal & External Applications either Web Application or Mobile Application.

JUN 2018
DEC 2018

8Layer Technologies

Front End Developer - Remote Fulltime

Most of my work are doing a UI/UX. I was able to produce a logo for one of the product.

I also do Ionic Mobile Development, as well as API Integration for a realtime chat.

APR 2018
MAY 2018

HYPE Transport

Front End Developer - Freelance

Tasked to develop a dashboard for their Car Inspection and Inspection Scheduling.

JAN 2018
MAR 2018

Binangonan Catholic College

Full Stack Web Developer - Freelance

Develop an Attendance System for student, the goal was to notify the parents whenever the student entered the school premises, not limited to students it also caters employees which notifies their immediate supervisors.

NOV 2017
JAN 2018

The Cravings Group

Full Stack Web Developer - Fulltime

Built a Food E-Commerce Web Development & a Catering Contract System.

AUG 2017
NOV 2017

Chefs & Butlers (under Cravings Group)

Full Stack Web Developer - Fulltime

It's a booking system for chefs and butlers or any kitchen man power you need. I've implemented a realtime 2 way chat as well as Paypal Payment.

NOV 2016
MAR 2017

Orange Apps

Web Developer - Intern

Tasked to contribute to their product which is an School Management Platform. I am tasked on either Back end or Front end.

AUG 2016
SEP 2016

Hair Geek

Web Developer - Freelance

An E-Commerce System that can cater different products and automatically generates product variance based on the inputted values.

NOV 2015
JUL 2016


Full Stack Web Developer - Project Based


Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities

Developed a School Management Platform that digitize their Grading, Payment and Enrollment System

Aerosphere Oil

A MLM System. That has an E-Commerce System and Payout System for their members.